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Sparks Of Love by gKirbyfollower

This is a very good drawing! I like how you did the shading, the color of the sky, and all that! I also like the shadows! It's also a g...



Who's gonna win this battle?!… 

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When I added :iconchristhezorua: to my friends list, I went back to randomly looked at my profile. But I found a star near my name, when I hovered my cursor over it, it turned out that I GOT A PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP! YIPPIE!!!
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Oh, and thank you ChristheZorua a for the Premium Membership!


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Group Hug! by Riolu947
Group Hug!
Something I made for :iconchristhezorua:

Since I got him back into Sagwa, I drew him with me and Sagwa!

Chris (c) :iconchristhezorua:
Super Rage by Riolu947
Super Rage
Yep, a new transformation, but be warned! It's extremely dangerous! Proceed with caution...

This is my new Super Rage form. My left eye becomes even more blood red, My right eye turns from blue to red. My entire body becomes bloodstained, My teeth become even more sharper, making them look like shark teeth, My claws become sharp as a panther's, My collar's color changes from yellow to blood red, and the Poke'ball on my collar turns into an Ultra Ball. I now become more ferocious and kill evil creatures, tearing off every body part.
I Will Not Bow by Riolu947
I Will Not Bow
Oh my god, there's blood EVERYWHERE! :jawdrop:
It's true, Five Nights at Freddy's is the worst game I've ever seen. So is Five Nights at Freddy's 2! And you know what? I WILL MURDER THOSE FREAKING ANIMATROICS!
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"I Will Not Bow" by Breaking Benjamin:…



Now the dark begins to rise
Save your breath, it's far from over
Leave the lost and dead behind
Now's your chance to run for cover
I don't want to change the world
I just wanna leave it colder
Light the fuse and burn it up
Take the path that leads to nowhere

All is lost again
But I'm not giving in!

I will not bow!
I will not break!
I will shut the world away!
I will not fall!
I will not fade!
I will take your breath away!


Watch the end through dying eyes
Now the dark is taking over
Show me where forever dies
Take the fall and run to Heaven

All is lost again
But I'm not giving in!

I will not bow!
I will not break!
I will shut the world away!
I will not fall!
I will not fade!
I will take your breath away!

And I'll survive! paranoid!
I have lost the will to change
And I am not proud, cold-blooded fake
I will shut the world away!


I will not bow!
I will not break!
I will shut the world away!
I will not fall!
I will not fade!
I will take your breath away!

And I'll survive! paranoid!
I have lost the will to change
And I am not proud, cold-blooded fake
I will shut the world away!

Chapter 1: Introduction

In a forest on a hot summer day, there were 11 little puppies walking through the woods. They were wearing various clothes. The leader puppy was peach-colored and wearing a hat. Her friends call her “Leader Puppy.”
The 11 puppies were walking along a large path where they enjoy having a nice long walk. But they didn’t notice that there was an evil dog catcher waiting to catch them and make a fortune. And suddenly, out of nowhere, the dog catcher popped out of the bushes and frightened the puppies. Ten of the eleven puppies where caught. Leader puppy was left. Her friends told her to run, in which case, she did.

Chapter 2: Enter the girls

Meanwhile, Two of the 12 cheerleaders, Ruby and Sue, where walking along the sidewalk in the neighborhood. “It sure is a nice day outside!” said Ruby. “I’ll say, it’s so nice for Summer Vacation to come!” said Sue. Suddenly, the two girls heard the sounds of an airplane. They went to find out what it was.
The two girls found where the sounds were coming from. The airport was straight up ahead. “Wow, we’re at the airport already?” said Ruby. “I guess so! I love airports. Watching the airplanes take off, watching them land, all that!” A moment later, the girls saw Liru on her motorized scooter. Liru stopped to say hi. “Hi, girls!” She said. “Hi, Liru! Riding your scooter around the neighborhood?” asked Sue. “Yep!” said Liru. “It’s so much fun to ride my scooter around the block!” Liru hopped back onto her scooter. “Bye!” she said. “Bye, Liru!” said Ruby and Sue. Liru drove her scooter down the road.
Ruby and Sue stretched out their arms and legs. Suddenly, a jet air liner was about to take off. Ruby and Sue watched the airplane, and to their surprise, it passed right over them! The two girls were amazed. “Come on! Let’s play pilots!” said Ruby. She and Sue spun their ears at a high speed, which lifted them both into the air. “Let’s go!” said Sue. They both flew down the sidewalk making airplane noises.

Chapter 3: In the yard

Meanwhile back at the Poke’Clubhouse, which was transferred to the neighborhood, Lucy was organizing the living room. “Nice job, Lucy!” said Mike coming down the stairs. Just then, Ruby and Sue were still floating in the air. “This is pilot Ruby, prepare for landing.” said Ruby. “This is Lucy; you are cleared for landing, Ruby. You too, Sue.” Said Lucy. Ruby and Sue’s ears slowed down and the two sisters slowly descended to the floor. “That was fun!” said Ruby. “Where are the other girls?” asked Sue. “They’re in the backyard. You can go play with them if you’d like!” said Lucy. Ruby and Sue spun their ears and started gliding again as they entered the backyard.
The two girls were having lots of fun flying in the backyard, when suddenly, a fireball shot up into the sky and surprised them! “Oops! Sorry!” said Pepeline, who was trying out an experiment. Ruby and Sue land on their feet. “What’cha doing, Pepeline?” asked Ruby. “Trying out an experiment I saw in a video earlier.” said Pepeline. She slowly set a fire starter into an old tire, and then a large fireball bursts out into the air. “That looks cool! Can I try?” asked Ruby. “Sure! Knock yourself out!” said Pepeline as she gave the fire starter to Ruby to try the trick herself. Ruby set the firestarter in the tire, and then another fireball launches up into the sky. “Not bad!” said Pepeline.
After firing several fireballs, Nora, Garnet, Carla, and Diana come to the three girls. “Hi, girls!” said Carla. “Hey Carla! What’s up?” said Ruby. “We’re going to play in the yard for a while! Wanna join us?” asked Garnet. “Sure! We’d love to!” said Sue. Pepeline set down the fire starter and followed the rest of the girls.

Chapter 4: Meeting Leader Puppy

The seven girls were hanging out in the backyard. Garnet is swinging on the swing set, Sue and Pepeline were playing baseball, Carla and Nora lay on the grass to catch some rays, and Ruby was practicing her dance moves for her next class. Suddenly, their leisure time was interrupted. Nora tracked something with her headphones. “Hey! I think I’m tracking something!” she said.
Nora went inside and told the rest of the cheerleaders that she hears something. All of the 12 cheerleaders loomed over the fence. They saw who appears to be Leader Puppy from earlier. She was heartbroken because she lost her friends, who were captured by a dog catcher. She sat on the curb and cried. “Oh, that poor puppy!” said Ruby. “I’m going to go cheer her up!” The 12 cheerleaders left their yard and encountered the puppy.
The cheerleaders surround Leader Puppy. “Hey, are you alright?” asked Ruby. Leader puppy lifted her head. “*sniff* who are you?” She asked. “We’re the cheerleaders of PokéSpies Unite!” said Carla. “Why are you crying?” asked Ruby. “Well, *sniff* my friends were captured by a dog catcher, and I was the only one who escaped!” said Leader Puppy as she started crying again. Ruby tried to make her feel better. “Don’t cry, we’ll get your friends back! Trust me!” She said. “You will?” Leader puppy sniffed. “Of course! In fact, we love puppies!” said Carla. Leader Puppy was pleased. “Oh, thank you, thank you!” She said. Leader Puppy and the 12 Cheerleaders started their journey.

Chapter 5: The Journey Begins!

Leader Puppy and the 12 cheerleaders walked through the woods. “This is where you were attacked?” asked Ruby. “Yes, I think the dog catcher went that way!” said Leader Puppy. “Then we should proceed.” Said Sue. Suddenly, Sue noticed something shiny behind her. It looked like a key. Sue picked up the key and put it in her backpack. The group went to find and rescue Leader Puppy’s friends.
The first obstacle they came across was a river. The river was not that fast because of the beaver dam. “This shouldn’t be that tough.” said Hummy. Ruby took a very deep breath. “Ruby, what are you doing?” said Carla. To Carla’s surprise, Ruby jumps into the river and swims to the other side. She shook herself dry. “C’mon! You should try it!” She said. One by one, the cheerleaders jump into the river and swam to the other side. Sue was next. She jumps into the river, but that’s when she noticed another key. She dived underwater and grabbed the key. She swam to the surface and onto the other side of the river. Leader puppy was last. “Here I go!” she said as she jumps into the river. Suddenly, Ruby noticed the beaver dam was about to get wiped out. In no time, the dam breaks apart, and the river runs wild. “Help! Help!” cried Leader Puppy. Ruby dived into the river, grabbed Leader Puppy and swam onto shore.
The cheerleaders were all wet, especially Leader puppy. “I think we need to dry off.” Said Sheegwa. “Well, I do have some towels in my duffel bag.” Said Ruby as she reached into her duffel bag and pulled out some towels. Everyone dried off for a while. “Okay, let’s move on.” Said Leader Puppy. Everyone moved on.
The next obstacle was a gorge filled with massive mushrooms. “Wow, look at all those mushrooms!” said Ichigo. “I wonder if they’re safe to step on?” asked Pixel. “Let’s find out.” Said Ruby as she tried to step on a mushroom. Suddenly, she slips off the edge on onto a mushroom. To her surprise, the mushroom was very bouncy. She bounced across Mushroom Gorge. “This is fun!” said Ruby. All the other cheerleaders bounced on the mushrooms too. Sue did a cannonball on one of the mushrooms, but out of the mushroom came a key. Sue caught it in time then bounced to the other side of the gorge. Leader puppy was last. She bounced off every nearby mushroom and bounce to the other side. Everyone continued on.

Chapter 6: The Journey Continues!

It was already past noon. And the group was getting tired. Everyone sat down and rested for a while. “Whew! What a journey!” said Pixel. “We’ve really come this far to get Leader Puppy’s friends back!” said Ruby. Suddenly, there was a grumbling noise. “What was that?” asked Sheegwa. “That was my stomach.” Said Diana. “We haven’t eaten anything for a while, I think.” “Well, luckily, I packed lots of items for our trip!” said Ruby as she pulled out her duffel bag, unzipped it, and it was filled with lots of food. Everyone had a picnic together.
After the picnic, the group continued on. The third obstacle was a frozen river. “Has this river always been that way?” asked Ichigo. “I don’t know, but watch this!” Said Ruby as she jumped onto the thick ice. In no time, Ruby started Ice-skating. The others joined too. Sue made a figure 8, when suddenly, she tripped over a lump of ice. When Sue looked at it, there was a key trapped inside. Sue breaks the ice chunk and grabs the key. All 12 cheerleaders made it to the other side of the frozen river. Leader Puppy wanted to skate too. “Watch this!” She said as she started skating. Her moves were spectacular. “Okay, I’m just going to walk now.” Said Leader Puppy as she walked along the ice. The thick ice was slippery. Suddenly, the ice started to crack, and Leader puppy fell into the frigid waters. “Help! This water’s freezing cold!” She cried. Ruby ran and pulled Leader Puppy out of the freezing water.
Leader Puppy was freezing cold and soaking wet. “That was cold…” She sobbed. The cheerleaders tried to make her feel better and warm her up. Sue was tired out. She wanted to sit down, but she sat on something shiny. She saw three more keys. She picked them up and put them in her backpack. So far she has six keys. The group continues on.

Chapter 7: Getting Closer.

The 12 cheerleaders were getting closer to saving Leader Puppy’s friends. “Man, look at this place!” Said My Melody. “Well, Leader Puppy should be up ahead and…“ Ruby paused. She nearly fell off a cliff! Luckily she grabbed onto a ledge. “YEOW!” She shouted as she climbed back up. “Whew! What was a close one!” She said. “Are you alright, Ruby?!” cried Pixel. “I’m fine.” Replied Ruby. The cheerleaders find two ziplines going from the edge of the cliff, to the ground below. Ruby grabs a plank secured by a rope, sat on it, and quickly zips down one of the ziplines. “Wheeeeeeeee! This is so much fun!” She called. One by one, the cheerleaders zipped down the zipline, especially Leader Puppy. Sue was having a blast, but up ahead were two more keys dangling from some birds’ feet. She held out her hand, and snatched the keys. The birds freaked out. “Wow, I can’t believe I got eight keys from so many different locations!” said Sue.
By the time everyone got to the ground, they were wiped out. “That was awesome!” said My Melody. “You can say that again.” Said Pepeline lying on the ground. “How about we rest for a while?” Said Ruby. Everyone rested for a while.
Nighttime was drawing near and it was getting dark. “It’s getting close to nighttime.” Said Diana. “What are we going to do?” asked Garnet. “Hold on, I have just the thing.” Said Ruby as she pulled out some sleeping bags from her duffel bag. Everyone crawled into the sleeping bags and got comfortable. Suddenly, someone flew by. It was Fidget. “Hi, girls!” she said. “Fidget? What are you doing out here at night?” asked My Melody. “Well, I’m a nimbat! I can see and fly in the dark!” Said Fidget. “Wow, just like a bat!” said Leader Puppy. Fidget noticed her. “Who’s this here?” She asked. “This is Leader Puppy. Her friends were kidnapped by a dog catcher and we’re going to rescue them.” Said Ruby. “I see that. Good luck on your rescue mission.” Said Fidget as she flew off. “Bye, Fidget!” Said the girls as they cuddled up in their sleeping bags. They slept through the night.

Chapter 8: Mud Trouble

The next morning, the Sun rose over the horizon. The girls woke up feeling very tired. Ruby got up and yawned. “Good morning, girls.” Everyone got up on their feet and Ruby stuffed all the sleeping bags into her duffel bag. Everyone continued on. Leader Puppy’s legs were getting tried. Then she suddenly collapsed. “Are you okay, Leader Puppy?” Said Ruby as she went up to her. “It’s such a long journey… I’m so sore…” said Leader Puppy weakly. Ruby giggled and carries Leader Puppy in her arms. They find a huge forest and walk in.
The forest was full of wonders. The girls carefully walked through it. Suddenly, they came across a mud river. “Great, now there’s a mud river blocking our path!” said Sheegwa. “We’ll have to walk across it…” said Carla. The girls tried to walk across the river. The mud was sticky and slippery. Half of the girls, Ruby, Carla, Sue, Garnet, Diana, and Hummy made it across. “Oh, that was muddy…” said Diana. The rest, Pepeline My Melody, Ichigo, Pixel, Sheegwa, and Nora, are still trying to get across. Suddenly, the mud started to suck them in like quicksand! They struggled to get out, but the mud was too strong. “Help! Please!” cried Pepeline. “I-I’ll save you!” shouted Ruby. Half of girls tried get the girls tried to get the other half out of the mud. “We’ll try to pull you guys out!” said Sue. Diana found a large branch big enough to pull the other half out. “Grab on to this, girls!” Half of the girls grabbed onto the branch. The other half pulled as hard as they could. Suddenly, the branch slipped right out of the girls hands and went flying. “Oh, no, Now what?” said Ruby worried.
Half of the girls were up to their shoulders. Carla was freaking out. “What are we gonna do, what are we gonna do, what are we gonna do?!” she said. “I’m coming!” Said Leader Puppy as she dashed toward the mud river. But she was a bit too quick and slipped right into the mud river. “Leader Puppy! Not you too!” said Pepeline. Leader Puppy felt ashamed as she sank to her shoulders. “Out of the way, everyone!” said a Voice. It was Sagwa, Sheegwa’s big sister, in her X-wing starfighter. She flew towards the girls and shot an ice-charge shot at the mud river and in a jiffy, the mud river was frozen solid. Half of the girls helped the other half out of the ice. “Thank you so much!” said Pepeline as she hugged Ruby. Sue was relieved to see the girls were safe again. She slipped back to the path, but stumbled on something. It was key trapped in the ice. Sue pulled the key out of the mud as hard as she could, and the key went flying out of the mud and into Sue’s hands.
Sagwa lands her X-wing and jumps out of the cockpit. “Are you girls alright?” She said.”We’re fine, thanks.” Said My Melody. Sheegwa ran up to Sagwa and hugged her. “Thank you, Sagwa! I thought I was a goner!” She said. “You’re welcome, Sheegwa!” said Sagwa as she hugged her back. “I heard you guys are on a rescue mission to save some dogs!” “Yeah! Leader Puppy’s friends were kidnapped by a dog catcher and we’re going to get them back!” said Ruby. “That’s great! I hope your mission goes well! Good luck!” Said Sagwa as she jumped back into her X-wing and took off. “Thanks! Good luck to you too!” said the girls. Everyone moved on.

Chapter 9: Almost there!

The girls could see a stack of almost 100 dog cages up ahead. They could see the dog catcher as well. “Well, this is it.” Said Ruby. “The time has come to shine.” said Carla. Everyone walked towards the dog cages. They suddenly encounter some guards and hide to be unseen. “What are we gonna do?” said Leader Puppy. Pixel thought of something. “Ah-ha! I got it!” She said. She took a penny, threw towards the guards. One of the guards picked it up and looked at it. The girls dashed right past them.
They have finally found Leader Puppy’s friends. “Leader Puppy!” said the Puppies. “Guys! You’re okay!” said Leader puppy. “Hurry, get us out of here!” Said a Dalmatian. “We’ll get you out!” said Ruby. Suddenly, the dog catcher walked up behind them “Well, well, well. If it isn’t the cheerleaders of Poke’Spies Unite.” He said mischievously. The girls looked behind them. “You! You were the one who kidnapped my friends!” shouted Leader Puppy. “Now, you let these dogs go right now!” shouted Ruby. The dog catcher grabbed Ruby by the collar. “Well, aren’t you a persistent little brat.  He said. Suddenly, Sue noticed two keys dangling from the dog catcher’s pocket. She sneaked up and snatched the keys. Suddenly, the keys started to glow. They floated up to the cages and unlocked all of them. All of the dogs are free! They ran toward the cheerleaders and licked them. “How did they break free?!” wondered Ruby. “Well, when I found 11 keys on our journey and they randomly unlocked all the cages!” said Sue.
The dogs were all happy to be freed. “Hey! Those dogs are not cleared for release!” said the Dog Catcher. “And why do you want all these dogs?” said Ruby. “So I can sell them to a shelter and make a fortune!” replied the dog catcher. He crept closer and closer. “RUN!!!” shouted Pepeline. The cheerleaders and the dogs ran for safety as the dag catcher chased them with a huge net.

Chapter 10: The Chase

The cheerleaders and the dogs ran back to the neighborhood while the dog catcher as still chasing them. Liru saw them and caught up to them. “That’s a lot of dogs! Are you rescuing them?” She said. “Yeah, and now that dog catcher’s chasing us!” said Ruby. Suddenly, Fidget came flying in with a lawn funnel. “Incoming!” She said as she launched the funnel at the dog catcher, making him look like a giant burrito. Liru picked up the dog catcher and drove her scooter back to the Poke’Clubhouse.
Back at the Poke’Clubhouse, The girls were on the balcony holding the lawn funnel over the trampoline. Fidget shook the lawn funnel, and out came the dog catcher. He fell from the balcony and bounced off the trampoline. Fidget held out a frying pan and the dog catcher head-planted right into it. He bounced up again and flew right into a stack of dishes. He bounced one more time and got a kettle stuck in his head. Pepeline and Diana moved the trampoline out of the way, and the dog catcher head-planted right into the sand.
The dog catcher couldn’t get out. Just then, Mike came along and pulled the dog catcher out of the sand. “Great work, girls!” He said. “Thanks, Mike!” said Ruby. Suddenly, some police arrive at the Poke’Clubhouse. A police man comes out of his car. “I came here because a dog catcher was trying to sell these dogs at a shelter.” He said. “Here he is.” Said Mike holding up the dog catcher. The police grab the dog catcher and throw him into the police car. “Whew! Good riddance!” said Garnet.
Leader Puppy walked up to Ruby. “Thank you so much for getting my friends back. Without you, I would’ve never gotten them back!” said Leader Puppy. Ruby was thankful. “You’re welcome, Leader Puppy.” She said. Leader Puppy hugs Ruby, who hugs her back. “Hey, why don’t you come to our clubhouse?” asked Ruby. Leader Puppy was pleased. “I’d love to!” She said. The 12 cheerleaders and 11 puppies went into the Poke’Clubhouse and enjoyed the rest of their summer.

The End.
The Cheerleaders of Poke'Spies Unite: Puppy Rescue
Story (C) :iconriolu947:
Ruby (C) :iconkawasakiblitzer:
Nora (C) :iconyoruso:
Lucy and Mike (C) Bittersweet Candy Bowl and :icontaeshilh:


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