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Sparks Of Love by TheSansationalEevee

This is a very good drawing! I like how you did the shading, the color of the sky, and all that! I also like the shadows! It's also a g...


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Ever wanted a cat form? I can your OC's cat form!
Koroly Infection
Koroly Infection by Riolu947
I can draw your OC infected with the Koroly Virus!

The Koroly Virus belongs to :iconcyberdragon5:
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Ah... love is in the air.
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It can be Vore, pregnant, inflation, or stuffed!
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...Wow. Looks like my childhood has come back to bite me in the butt. And by that, I mean my childhood has come back to my head for a visit.

What's one thing you remember from your childhood?
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This video has some of the most hilarious traps every time Kronk pulls the wrong lever! XD (Video is not mine)
:rofl: :rofl ROFL Laughing my ass off! :lmao LMAO, Male :dignity-laugh: :randomlaugh: Dignity Laugh Demoman's Epic Laugh (TF2 Chat Icon) fella Laughing (Reactions)

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I literally hate it when my mom gets mad at me. Don't you hate it when your mom gets mad at you?
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What I like to do on the weekends:

- Play on my laptop.
- Swing on my downstairs swingset.
- Play Wii U
- Draw some pics
- Read some books

What do you like to do on the weekends?
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Do you usually feel like this on Mondays? XD (Video is not mine)

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Riolu the Blue Cat
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
Hi there! My name is Riolu. I'm a cat with blue-gray fur and I'm an amazing artist!

My friends:

Troll Stamp. by VaselineCatsAnti-Trolling Stamp by TheBloodskinsAnti-bullying Stamp by Aster96Anti-Trolls Stamp by RekanoAnti Trolls Stamp by sonic2344Troll Stamp by amerimeno drama stamp by ScittyKittyTake it elsewhere stamp by MarmaladeYuuFanfic-love stamp by MarmaladeYuuI imagine with music Stamp by tastelessfateI Love My Music ::Stamp:: by himiko-hedgehogDisney fan stamp by Bea-GonzalezStamp - Deviant Pride by MauserGirlThe Gallery Stamp by BusirisStamp - Cat Lover by MauserGirlfriends STAMP by peterdzignThanks for visitin by k-neloI LIKE HUGS by PlankheadThe Stamp by glompplzWarriors Stamp by GoldencloudStamp by Kataang-furubaMinions Stamp by Captain-AlbertWeskerlove minions stamp by piratekitMinion Missile Mishap by azianwolfdollDespicable Cannon by azianwolfdollMinion Fart Gun by azianwolfdollDisney WALL-E + Hula Hoop Stamp by TwilightProwlerThe AristoCats Stamp by SoraRoyals77Sagwa The Chinese Siamese Cat Stamp by SoraRoyals77Pikachu Stamp by She-KaijuEevee by MarlenesstampsI Love Candy Stamp by RyouBakurasI love Candy Stamp by SoraRoyals77Donut Stamp by OctopusandSquidSTAMP: I love pizza by neurotripsyI'M A KIRBY FAN by oceanographergrlStamp: Kirby by ShendijiroPBS Stamp by LaDeary.:Big Time Rush stamp 3:. by dannyphantom300.:Pokemon stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300.:Nicktoons stamp 2:. by dannyphantom300Patrick Stamp by patrickplzEmote stamp by SynfullI support my friends stamp by SynfullMy friends support me stamp by SynfullChocolate... by prosaixChoco M and Ms Stamp by poserfanTard  Stamp by AbfcLove Tards Stamp By Wearwolfaa by TheTardClubWe Support Tards by TheTardClubI Like Tards by Alexander88 by TheTardClubI Love deviantART Stamp by ViciousCherryPlease don't by AllThatRazzI am sorry I bullied you, you bitch. by Little-rolling-beanCats are not as bad as you think. by The-Faygo-Queen


Chapter 1: Introduction

On a sunny summer morning, the team and I are in the fitness room of the Poke’Clubhouse practicing our battle moves. Most of us are punching on punching bags, practicing our dodging, and even practicing going through obsticles that get in our way. It’s a long day of fitness, and we’re getting the hang of it.
After a good fitness session, we sit on some benches to cool off. “Whew… that was a good fitness session…” I said. “Tell me about it, I think I lost five pounds after that.” Said Silver. We went downstairs into the living room. When we got there, we lounge around the room to see if there was something to do. “Did you wanna play outside, brother?” asked Chloe. “Sure, why not?” I said.
We went outside into the beach to play outside. It was very sunny and not a cloud in the sky. I took a deep breath of fresh air and exhaled. “Today is a great day to play outside!” I said. We romp around the beach for a while.

Chapter 2: Sucked In

After a long play session, we lay on the sandy beach to relax. “Golly, it’s very sunny and warm outside…” said Sagwa. “It sure is, Sagwa.” Said Luna. I got up and stretched. “Well, we should probably go inside now.” I said walking towards the back door of the clubhouse. “C’mon, everyone. We’re going back inside now.” Everyone got up.
We were getting ready to enter the clubhouse, when suddenly, an enormous star-shaped portal appears behind us. In no time, it started sucking us in like a black hole. We tried to flee, but the portal’s gravitational pull is so strong, it sucked us in. We went flying into the portal, which closes up after we were sucked in.

Chapter 3: The Cat Dimension

The portal opens up in another dimension. It spits me out first. I hit the ground unconscious. I slowly get up and open my eyes. “What the…? Where am I…?” I wondered. Suddenly, the portal spits out Chloe, Luna, Sagwa, and Lisa. “Ugh… I feel dizzy…” said Chloe. “You girls alright?” I said. “We’re fine… a little dizzy though…” said Chloe. The portal spits out Doug, Kirby, Heathcliff, Chi, Francis, GaMERCat, Glitch, Kuro, Silver, and Sue. “Oh, my head…” said Kuro. The portal closes up and disappears. I get up on my feet. “I don’t even know where we are…” I said. Suddenly, what appears to be a Super Bell appears out of nowhere. I touched the bell and I find myself in a cat suit. “Hey, look at me!” I said cheerfully. I jump around and act like a kitty cat. Everyone else grabs a Super Bell and jumps around and act like cats.
We were having a lot of fun acting like cats, when suddenly, we hear some voices. “Wh-what’s that noise?” said Luna. “I don’t know.” I replied. We suddenly see an enormous and colorful village with a large castle. We went into the village to explore.
As we got into the village, we saw lots of anthropomorphic cats walking around doing what they’re doing. “Wow… look at all these cats! This must be a cat dimension!” said Lisa. “I bet… I wonder what kind of cool things we can find?” said Sagwa. We walked through the village and find the enormous castle. “Hey, look! I see a castle!” said Glitch. “Hey, you’re right! I wonder who lives there?” said Kuro. We walked towards the giant castle.

Chapter 4: The Evil Princess

We walk towards the castle. Without being seen, we sneak around the outside and peek in the window. Inside the castle, there’s a king and queen cat, a princess cat, and lots of cats. There’s also a girl cat named Meeko and a boy cat named Toriyasu. The white Princess cat’s name is Buburina. Her servant is named DohDoh. “What are all these cats doing here…?” I thought. All the cats were prisoners, especially Meeko and Toriyasu. There was an assembly going on in the castle.
Buburina has an evil plan to turn all the prisoners into balloons. “Now, then. I have a plan for my mouse balloon. We’re not going to fill it up with air, I can do this…” Buburina touches a plant, and its leaves turn into balloons. The plant floats up and pops, throwing pot fragments everywhere. All the prisoners were worried. Buburina orders DohDoh to come to her. DohDoh walks to her worriedly. Buburina holds out her hand. “So, what do you say, do you like me?” she asked. DohDoh tried to touch her hand, knowing that he’d be turned into a balloon. “Well, do you like me?” said Buburina. “Wha? Y-Yes, I do!” said DohDoh. He tries to touch her hand, when he notices a fly land on it. The fly turns into a balloon and pops. DohDoh was worried.
All the prisoners were worried about being turned into balloons. Toriyasu and Meeko walk up to Buburina. “Ah, so you want to go first, huh?” Buburina laughs and touches them, but they didn’t turn into balloons. “…What? What happened? Why didn’t you turn into a balloon?” asked Buburina. “W-We’re from the land of the humans!” said Meeko. “Yes, we are!” said Toriyasu. Buburina’s shocked expression turned into a grimmish smile. “Well, then. If that’s true, let the fun begin!”
Buburina gets up from her seat and turns every prisoner in the palace into balloons, except Meeko and Toriyasu. All the inflated prisoners float towards another room, where six of the female cat members from Poke’Heros Unite, Lucy, Gatomon, Pixel, Bella, Blossom, and Hummy, are in. She shoves the prisoners and the other members into the mouse balloon. The cats that aren’t inflated crawl around inside the mouse balloon.

Chapter 5: Attack

After what happened, Buburina is in her room cuddling with an enormous dog named Papadoll, who is actually Toriyasu’s dog possessed under Buburina’s control. “Ah, isn’t this great, Papadoll? I have finally gotten what I wanted.” Said Buburina. “Soon, we’ll control the entire world and soon, I will be the next queen.” Buburina laughs and exits her room.
Buburina enters the palace and sits back down in her throne. “Now, where were we?” she said. She holds out her hand to DohDoh. “Come on, DohDoh, don’t be shy.” Said Buburina. DohDoh is frightened as he tries to put his hand on Buburina’s. “Hmm… would it be easier if I do this?” Buburina puts on a glove. DohDoh touches her hand and doesn’t turn into a balloon.
DohDoh was pleased to put his hand on Buburina’s without turning into a balloon. “That’s a good boy, DohDoh.” Said Buburina. DohDoh bows his head in pleasure. Suddenly, I come busting into the palace. “You’re busted, evil princess!” I shouted. Buburina and DohDoh look behind them in shock. I run towards Buburina and claw her face. The other members bust into the palace as well. “What in the…? How did these cats get in here?!” said Buburina. “Someone must’ve sent us here, now die!” I punch Buburina in the gut.
Buburina gets mad and runs to grab her sword. “You’ll pay for that!” She tries to cut me, but I dodge the attack. “You missed me!” I said. GaMERCat and Glitch run to help, but Buburina smacks them away and sends them flying towards two closed doors. GaMERCat gets up. “We won’t lose to you!” He shouted. Glitch notices the two doors and opens one of them. He sees the mouse balloon. “Hey, GaMERCat! Look at this!” he said. GaMERCat peeks behind the door and sees the mouse balloon. “…That is one gigantic mouse.” Said GaMERCat. The two cats enter the room.

Chapter 6: Escape the Mouse Balloon

GaMERCat and Glitch stare at the mouse balloon. “Look at the size of that thing!” said Glitch. “I know… I can’t believe someone would make this.” Said GaMERCat. The two cats hear a cry for help. Someone must be trapped in the mouse balloon!” said Glitch. “C’mon, let’s go check it out.” GaMERCat and Glitch find the opening of the mouse balloon and climb in.
When they climbed into the mouse balloon, they find that the mouse balloon is filled with inflated cats. “Oh my… who would do such a thing?!” said GaMERCat. “I don’t know… all I know is that I heard a cry for help!” said Glitch. “We’ll have to go in deeper, I guess.” GaMERCat and Glitch crawl around inside the mouse balloon crawling on every inflated cat. “Gosh, it’s kinda crowded in here.” Said GaMERCat. “Totally…” said Glitch. The two cats suddenly bump into all of the female cat members who were kidnapped by Buburina. “GaMERCat! Glitch!” said Pixel. “How did you guys get here? We were so worried!” said Blossom. “We were sucked in a portal!” said Glitch. “No kidding! We were sucked in the portal too!” said Lucy. “C’mon, let’s get you girls out of here.” Said GaMERCat.
The cats escape the mouse balloon. “Whew… thank you, guys…” said Blossom. “That evil princess put us in there!” said Gatomon. “I see that… well at least you all are free!” said GaMERCat. “By the way, GaMERCat, where did you get that cat suit?” asked Pixel. “From this!” Glitch holds up a Super Bell. “Ah, now I get it!” Pixel touches the Super Bell and transforms into Cat Pixel. The other female cats grab the Super Bell and find themselves in cat suits. “C’mon! Let’s go stop Buburina!” said Pixel.

Chapter 7: The Rumble

Meanwhile, the other members and I are still fighting Buburina. “You fools can’t defeat me!” Buburina puts her hand on my head thinking that I would turn into a balloon, but I didn’t. “What?!” Buburina is shocked. I bit her hand and kick her to a nearby wall. “Why you little…” Buburina charges at us, but Lucy stops in front of her and punches her in the face. “Take that!” said Lucy.
Buburina picks up her sword. “I cannot lose to a bunch of cats in cat suits!” She dashes towards us ready to attack. Pixel grabs her tail and gives it a good yank. Buburina falls flat on her face. Gatomon pounces on her and sinks her claws into Buburina’s back. Buburina gets up and throws Gatomon off her back.
Buburina runs towards me with her sword, but Blossom stops in front of her. “I won’t let you hurt my mate!” said Blossom. Buburina prepares to stab Blossom with her sword, but Kirby transforms into his Ultra Sword form just in time and stops in front of her. In no time, Buburina and Ultra Sword Kirby have a sword duel.
I act fast and activate my Cyber Claw. I brought out my Cyber Sword. “Hey, Buburina! Over here!” I shouted. Buburina looks at me. “You too?! Gah!” Buburina puts inserts a large gem into her sword’s gem holder, and the sword grows bigger and deadlier. I wouldn’t back down, so I fight back. Buburina and I are having a sword duel.

Chapter 8: Papadoll

Buburina and I are still having a sword duel. I manage to knock the sword out of Buburina’s hands. Buburina picks her sword back up. Kirby had an idea. He transforms into Grand Hammer Kirby and waits for the right moment. I knock Buburina’s sword out of Buburina’s hands again. Buburina is about to pick it up, but Kirby manages to smash the sword’s gem with the Grand Hammer.
Buburina’s sword goes back to normal. Buburina picks it up. “Why you…” she said angrily. Kirby smacks her away with his hammer. Buburina hits a nearby wall. “You left me no choice!” she said. She lets out a loud whistle, which wakes up Papadoll. Papadoll gets up, stretches, and takes off into the air. He lands right into the palace and Buburina hops on his back. “So long, suckers!” She said. Papadoll takes off with Buburina.
We stare at Papadoll. “Dang it! Now what?!” I said. “None of us can fly! How are we gonna chase after Buburina now?!” said Lisa. “I can help you!” said a voice. It was Talon, who comes flying down to us. “I heard that you guys were in trouble, so I came to your rescue!” she said. “Thanks, Talon. We’re gonna need your help to chase after Buburina.” I said. Talon looks at Buburina and Papadoll in the sky. “You mean those two?” asked Talon. “Yes. Now let’s go after them!” I said. Talon grabs me and takes off chasing after Papadoll.

Chapter 9: Sky Battle, Part 1

Talon and I chase after Papadoll, who seems really fast. “He’s so fast! How can we catch up to him?” asked Talon. “I don’t know, but try flying me up close to Buburina.” I said. Talon flies close to Buburina. “What?! Where did you two come from?” said Buburina. “We’re not letting you take over this world, Buburina!” I shouted. “We’ll see about that! Papadoll, after them!” shouted Buburina. Papdoll turns towards us and chases after us.
Papadoll is catching up to us pretty quickly. “He’s catching up to us!” shouted Talon. I looked behind me and find that Toriyasu is hanging onto Papadoll’s collar. “Huh? What’s that cat boy doing on Papadoll’s collar?” I thought. Toriyasu looks at the collar and reads every single word on it.
Buburina notices Papadoll’s collar rotating and stops it. Toriyasu pulls as hard as he can, but Buburina bites the collar and tears it. “Shoot! The collar tore!” said Talon. Toriyasu falls to his death. Papadoll chases after him. “Now, Papadoll! Eat him!” said Buburina. Papadoll is about to eat Toriyasu, but he licks him instead because he remembers him. Buburina tries to order Papadoll to eat Toriyasu, but Papadoll keeps licking him. I watched what was going on. Suddenly, Sagwa’s Catship comes in. “Hurry, hop in!” said Sagwa. Talon drops me on the Catship. “Thanks, Talon.” I said. “You’re welcome. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a cat to save!” Talon flies towards Toriyasu and grabs him. “What?! Papadoll, after them!” shouted Buburina. Papadoll chases after Talon.

Chapter 10: Sky Battle, Part 2

I went into the cockpit of the Catship. I suddenly find Meeko in one of the seats. She turns to me. “Hey, you’re that cat that was fighting Buburina!” she said. “That I am. They call me Riolu. Who are you?” I asked Meeko. “My name is Meeko. Toriyasu’s sister.” Said Meeko. “I see you and that winged cat were chasing after Papadoll.” Said Meeko. “Yeah, I wanted to stop him.” I said. Suddenly, the catship rams into what appears to be the mouse balloon. GaMERCat runs to the cockpit. “Hey, it’s that mouse balloon!” He said. “Buburina’s using it to wake up the Cat Goddess, and that’ll cause a disaster in this world!” said Meeko.
Sagwa thought for a while. “ I have an idea.” She said. She rams the Catship into the mouse balloon, causing the balloon to change direction. Buburina sees the balloon changing direction. Kirby suddenly comes in on his Warp Star and smacks Buburina in the face. “Gotcha!” shouted Kirby. Talon flies around while carrying Toriyasu. She finds Papadoll’s collar and flies down to grab it.
Talon grabs the collar and flies to Sagwa’s catship. She gives it to me. “Here, you gotta fix this collar! After that, try putting it back on Papadoll!” said Talon. “Got it!” I said. GaMERCat gave me some sewing materials and I try to sew the collar back together. Sagwa watches as the mouse balloon heads towards a building. In no time, the mouse balloon falls apart as soon as it hits a building. All the inflated cats come out. “NO!” shouted Buburina. “Those brats ruined my plan! Papadoll, after them!”
Papadoll flies towards the Catship. I hopped out of the Catship and shot my Cyber Shooter at Papadoll’s eye. Papadoll roars in pain. “Good shot, Riolu!” said Talon. “You know this cat?” said Toriyasu. “Of course! He’s one of my friends.” said Talon. She flies to Kirby. “Catch, Kirby!” Talon throws the collar to Kirby. “Got it!” said Kirby. He flies towards Papadoll. “Wait for it… wait for it…” Kirby waits for the right moment. Papadoll flies towards him. “Now!” Kirby puts the collar on Papadoll. Light streaks come out of Papadoll’s body, and Papadoll explodes in pink smoke. He falls in his true form, which is just a normal dog. Talon flies towards him. “I got you, boy!” Toriyasu catches Papadoll. “Nice Catch, Toriyasu!” said Talon.

Chapter 11: Bringing Back the Light

Everyone flies towards the city. All the ballooned cats float all over the place. The Catship lands on one of the buildings. I hop out and land on one of the ballooned cats. “We did it!” said. “Thank you for saving our dog, Riolu. You’re a hero!” said Toriyasu. Suddenly, Buburina climbs onto one of the ballooned cats. “You’ll pay for this… you’ve ruined my plan… you must die!” She is about to stab me with her sword when she suddenly stops. She looks behind her and Doug appears out of nowhere and kicks Buburina away from me. “Doug!” I said. “Don’t worry, I’ll handle this, buddy!” said Doug.
Doug and Buburina have a sword duel. Doug is a better swordsdog than Buburina. I start worrying. “What am I gonna do?” I had an idea. “Hey, Toriyasu!” I shouted. Toriyasu comes to me. “What’s up, Riolu?” He asked. I linked arms with him. “We can defeat Buburina together.” I said. Toriyasu is determined to defeat Buburina. Doug and Buburina still have a sword duel. “Wait for it… wait for it… wait for it…” I said. Doug knocks Buburina’s sword out of Buburina’s hands. “Now! Get her!” I shouted. Toriyasu and I do a double punch on Buburina, who is sent flying.
Toriyasu and Meeko find a portal that leads to their home. “Hurry! We better get in there!” said Meeko. The two cats carry Papadoll, bounce off every nearby ballooned cat, and successfully make it into the portal. “Yeah! They made it!” I said. We all get to dry land. “We did it, brother!” said Chloe. “Yeah! We saved the city!” said Lucy. We all jump for joy, but suddenly, a huge light appears out of nowhere and slowly shrinks. The Sun has come out. “Hey, what do ya know? The Sun has come out!” I said.

Chapter 12: Back to Normal

We all walked through the town. “Boy, all these cats are still balloons…” I said. “How are we ever gonna turn them back to normal?” asked Lisa. “I don’t know. There must be some kind of cure or something.” said Gatomon. We didn’t notice a cat apprentice sitting in a tower. “Now to turn everything back to normal.” He said. All the ballooned cats deflate and turn back to normal. “Hey, everyone’s turning back to normal!” said Lucy.
At the palace, we stand in front of Buburina’s parents. “Thank you all for saving our city… without you guys, this would’ve ended in total chaos.” Said the king. “Thank you, your majesty.” I said gracefully. We all bowed down. “And for being such amazing heros, you deserve these.” The queen hold out golden hero medals. Each one of us put one on. “Wow… thank you, your majesty…” said Luna. “Boy, saving this city was hard work, but we pulled through!” said Kuro. “It was a lot of fun, too!” said Bella. “I totally agree, Bella.” said Pixel. “I loved flying through the sky.” said Kirby. “Totally! That was my favorite part!” said Sagwa. “Mine too!” said Sue.
The king and queen chuckle. “Now then, without further ado…” said the king. Suddenly, an enormous star-shaped portal appears. A sign that it means it’s time to go home. “It’s time for you to go home now.” said the king. I was pleased. I ran up to the king and gave him a great big hug. The king hugs me back. “I’m gonna miss you and your civilians, your majesty.” I said. “We’ll miss you too, little one. But as long as you have this portal, you can visit us anytime!” said the king. We advanced towards the portal. “Bye, everyone!” We said. All the cats wave goodbye to us. We wave goodbye to them and jump into the portal. The king and queen realize something. “Hey, has anyone seen Buburina?” asked the king.
Meanwhile, Buburina and DohDoh have ridiculous but miserable fates. Buburina is left sinking in a small lake while DohDoh dangles on what remains of the mouse balloon. “Someone get me out of this lake! I don’t even like water!” shouted Buburina. “I’d love to, but I’m stuck!” said DohDoh. “Hurry up, DohDoh, or I’ll turn you into a balloon!” said Buburina. They both freak out.

Chapter 13: Back Home

The portal opens up back in Michigan. We all jump out of the portal still in our cat suits. “Boy, what an adventure!” I said. “Totally! I can’t believe we earned those hero medals!” said Lisa. “I looked at my hero medal. “Well, we didn’t earn them for nothing!” said Doug. “We had a lot of fun!” said Talon. “I bet you did.” said Blossom.
We walked towards the Poke’Clubhouse, when suddenly, the same portal opens up. “Huh? What’s going on?” I said. Meeko, Toriyasu, and Papadoll come out of the portal and walk to us. “Hey, we just want to say thank you for saving the city, and our dog!” said Toriyasu. “As for a reward, we’ve come for a visit!” said Meeko. “Really? Awesome!” I said. Papadoll runs towards me and licks me. I giggle. “Hey, that tickles! I said. We all romped around the beach for a while and never forgot the adventure we’ve had.

The End.
This is a fanfiction of the movie Catnapped!/Totsuzen! Neko no Kuni Banipal Witt.…!

Lisa (c) :iconlisadots123:
Doug (c) :icondoug-the-dog:
GaMERCat and Glitch (c) :iconcelesse:
Lucy (c) Bittersweet Candy Bowl and :icontaeshilh:
Bella (c) :iconlopez765:
Talon and Blossom (c) :icontalon1223:

All characters from "Catnapped!" Belong to their rightful owner.

Story by me.
I do not own the original plot, only the fanmade plot and the characters (Some are my friends' characters) used in this fan fiction. 

If you'd like to draw a scene from this story, that's fine with me. You don't have to if you don't want to.
I Just Want You Back... by Riolu947
I Just Want You Back...
Ever since RadioGuro revealed her reall account mothiepossum, things weren't the same for me... She acted differently as well... I miss the old Radio... Why did she have to go?! WHY?! :cries:

I guess I won't bother trying to get Radio back to her RadioGuro account... It's just not fair...



Not fair...

I'll miss you, Radio... Missing You 

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